For various reasons, many qualified drivers who passed their driving test some time ago have been unable to make use of their licence or have only managed to gain limited driving experience. As a result, such drivers may have either lost confidence in their ability or otherwise feel the need to "refresh" or update their knowledge and driving skills. Those people probably recognise that their lack of confidence and experience might make them a potential danger on the road and would like the opportunity of addressing their shortcomings without the pressure of having to take another driving test. A Refresher Course usually consists of five 2-hour lessons although smaller courses can be arranged or additional lessons can be added. The strength of such a course is that it can be easily tailored to reflect the needs of the individual pupil so if, for example, someone finds difficulty in reverse parking or is uncomfortable driving on busy motorways, that particular manoeuvre or driving skill can be the focus of supervised practice during the course. It is therefore very important that if you intend to take such a course that you liaise closely with your instructor to let them know exactly which elements of your driving you wish to improve upon. It surprises most "Refreshers" how quickly they remember the skills they had previously shown when they originally passed their driving test and thought they had long since forgotten! People who complete a Refresher Course often find a new found enthusiasm for their driving and many follow on with an Advanced Driving Course purely for the personal satisfaction of proving to themselves and that they have truly absorbed and retained everything they have been taught and enable them to hone their driving skills even further.